Access Point Commercialisation is focused on driving growth and enriching customer experiences with tailored commercialisation solutions in Shopping Centres and Retail Parks.

Working together is essential to the successful planning and implementation of commercialisation activity within your scheme, focusing on customer experience and brand partnership.

You will benefit from our extensive experience in establishing and maintaining long-term, successful relationships with many of the UK's top venue owners, while we drive growth and enrich customer experiences with tailored revenue generating solutions.

What we offer you


Maximise your opportunities

Your scheme is unique and your tenant mix mirrors this – your commercialisation should do too.

We provide you with a genuine commercialisation service and our results speak for themselves. How? We understand every scheme has its own unique opportunities. You will receive a bespoke commercialisation strategy, not one picked off a shelf.


Direct Contact

We're here when you need us

Starting right at the beginning, from our first initial site visit we stay in touch, keep you informed and meet you where and when you want. From then on, one of our Account Managers will be responsible to you, providing regular updates as to how each of your schemes are performing.

Each of the schemes/ centres you manage will receive an individual commercialisation strategy to make it work. We won’t just work on the “high profile” properties but look at what each needs and what resources are required.



Working in partnership with you

It’s all about you. To begin with you’ll want to keep control and be updated on everything we do but as we get to know each other you can trust us to manage as much, or as little of your commercialisation as you want to. We will have regular planned update meetings with you, discussing each of your schemes and what works on a local level.



Providing you with a huge range of industries and brands.

We are one of the longest established commercialisation companies, founded over 20 years ago, and having worked with more companies than anybody else will mean more variety for your schemes and your customers. We have also represented some of the best retailers in the UK such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Wickes, Booker and the Co-op Group, enhancing their brands and making them a better place to shop.


Creativity and Engagement

Making you stand out

We do great creativity – we have our own in-house marketing department creating bespoke media for your scheme, making your commercialisation offer stand out and not fade away, bringing you the promoters you want. This also means that we can work to tight deadlines and mirror your own messages and social media so everything appears seamless.


Peace of Mind

Collaborating your core values with ours

You will receive a service second to none, working with the top UK retailers we know what we have to deliver to you. We have robust licenses, quality checks on promoters and a trading history that shows we understand the needs of a landlord and will protect their customers and reputation.


"We are delighted to have started the commercialisation process with Access Point and look forward to continued growth and innovation over the next 12 months"

Peter Gilliland

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