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New Venue - The Spires Shopping Centre


The Spires EntranceThe Spires Shopping Centre in Barnet is set to boost its customer proposition thanks to a new partnership with Access Point Commercialisation. We’ll be organising short-term promotional events and small scale retailers exclusively to the centre.


The Spires gets its name from the two spires which flank its main entrance, formerly part of the Barnet Methodist Church. Barnet itself has a population estimated at around 332,000 and with 67% of householders being owner-occupiers provides a strong residential local audience. Incidentally, Barnet also has the largest Chinese population of any London Borough.


Diane Whalley, Head of Commercialisation at Access Point said:


“What shopping centres need now more than ever are events that customers really care about. Whether that’s a car dealer, a pop-up shop or virtual reality, Access Point is determined to make sure that visitors to The Spires get excited and delighted by our events and discover that The Spires has more to offer than ever before.”


We’ve been organising promotional events at shopping centres, supermarkets and other venues for almost 20 years with everything from fairground rides to Cycle Rickshaws and we can’t wait to start doing the same for The Spires!


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