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Why do you buy a car?

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Why do you buy a car? You’ve got a need, you’ve got a want and you’ve got a budget. Consciously, you might add how it looks, how it drives, how efficient it is, how safe it is. But the buying process is never that simple. Unconsciously, you might think; that new car smell, the way the bodywork felt under your hand, that the sales person had a nice smile.

Peugot PromotionSo, how much of that can TV or Radio communicate? You can say “it’s safe”, you can say “it’s efficient”; on TV you can see how it looks. But for a high cost and without any way of tracking sales, all you can do is create familiarity with the product and the brand; the so called ‘above the line marketing’. That’s never a waste but you can’t say you’ve definitely made the sale either. To really know you’ve made the sale, you need to get physical. Anyone who sells cars from a showroom or even their drive for that matter will tell you that, you don’t open the doors for people; you leave them to see how it feels. Just like you leave them to see how light the boot is to lift or how smooth the seat belt action is. Anything you do for them is stealing from their experience.

For that you need to get them to the showroom. Though car dealers might not like to admit it, the stereotype of the showroom salesperson; brash and fast-talking still persists. Add to that the fact that those sleek glass and steel buildings can intimidate as much as entice and you’re left with a situation where too many potential customers may look at the showroom even going past it twice a day and admiring the cars, but never actually take the next step, the one that leads them inside.

Physical promotions offer an innovative solution to this. If they won’t go to the showroom, bring the showroom to them. Not only can a car display outside a supermarket or inside a shopping centre give your sales team the chance to reach out directly to customers also it gives the customers a chance to physically connect with the cars right there and then. The very fact that they’re not in a showroom can in fact make people more likely to buy from you. There’s no resistance outside a supermarket, it’s neutral ground for the salespeople and customers alike. When people are in a shopping centre they’re already in buying frame of mind before you even speak to them.

Another great benefit of promotions in these locations is data. You can’t move your showroom all the time but you can always move your promotion. Make use of demographics data and let us find you the perfect venues with your perfect customers. Make use of your presence and bring in new data for the future. You’re never going to sell on the spot to every person you meet. But you could get contact details for the future or sign them up to receive offers. Most of all the data you can get, from immediate feedback from your staff to tracking sales will tell you more accurately than any 10 second radio spot whether you’re getting the best return and generating the results you need from a promotion.

At the end of the day you know how to sell cars. Your salespeople know how to sell cars. All you need is the right place to be and the right time to meet your next customer.

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