Tuesday, 31 January 2017, by Liv Marsters

New Venue - Fosse Park


Fosse ParkFosse Park in Leicester is boosting its customer proposition by entering a new partnership with Access Point Commercialisation. We'll be organising short-term promotional events and small scale retailers exclusively to the shopping park to add engagement, variety and entertainment to Fosse's customer journey.

The 560,000 sq. ft. shopping park attracts over 9 million customers per year with a unique mix of High Street and out of town shopping. Fosse Park recently underwent a revamp which saw Primark, Pandora, Superdrug and JD Sport added to the High Street brand mix; further refurbishment will enhance the shopping experience with new fascia and improved pedestrian areas.

Diane Whalley, Head of Commercialisation at Access Point said:

“Fosse Park is fast becoming one of the top retail destinations offering a combined fashion, food, home and electrical mix to shoppers from a wide catchment area. It’s really exciting creating the new strategy for commercialisation as part of the Fosse Family. I’m looking forward to helping find ways to add to the overall customer experience everywhere we can.”


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