Monday, 11 September 2017, by Amanda Prescott

Access Point talks Commercialisation

Access Point are commercialisation agents with over 20 years experience in servicing the large format retail marketplace with a wide range of commercialisation services from car park promotions through to below the line brand in-store experiential activity and traditional branded foyer promotions. 

Retail is detail and this shows in our processses - giving us a proven CRM delivered service from enquiry through to invoice & case studies. Our retail background has also allowed us to collate one of the best brand databases in the industry. 

Working with new promoters to extend their reach to the wider shopping audience has always been core to our offer. Historically we’ve found that clients struggled to navigate their way round the multiple agencies they needed to promote in their chosen locations.  

We turn over approximately £7 million a year in bookings placed on behalf of clients either directly with a venue or via another agency in locations that stretch from local community shopping centres and national retailers through to festivals and events.

How has the market changed?

Initial market research into the shopping centre sector showed us that landlords were unhappy with being oversold a commercialisation opportunity for a venue or portfolio of venues only to find that the reality of appointing an agency was an underperforming revenue line on their profit and loss.

Portfolio deals were done as a land grab by agencies who were really looking for schemes that were already established as placemaking destinations to drive incoming enquiries – then failing to transfer these promotions across the entire portfolio. In essence this means that eighty percent of sales are coming from only 20% of the portfolio! Leaving 80% of the portfolio despondent to the level of service they are getting. 

What makes APUK different?


With a unique approach we strive to establish every scheme as a placemaking destination with their own suite of marketing tools. Every shopping audience is appealing to the right brands and services.

Understanding this we create a bespoke strategy to each scheme for each scheme to market to our 15,000 plus database of active promoters as well as sourcing local businesses and brands by specifically targeting site locations within the scheme.

It's a tried and tested approach. We have case studies that show that a scheme that underperformed with a competitor can flourish and exceed expectations within its first year of commercialisation with us. We then enter the second year of term showing huge potential growth by depth of offer, revenue improving quality, execution and customer experience.

Transferring our success in ‘driving’ commercialisation with retailer such as Sainsbury and Tesco into Retail/ Shopping Parks has proven to be successful for us.

Our understanding of choosing the right locations for both unmanned and fully staffed promotions and services gives us the advantage when placing short term licensed activity. Modular units are a speciality of ours from car valeting and body shop repairs through to brow bars and barbers! 

Why choose Access Point?

Everything that Access Point does comes from its strong foundations: the core values of the company and team members follow through into how we work with our promotional clients, our venue owners and their management teams.

Honest expectations, straight talking strategy, flexibility to change as demands dictate, loyal support, prompt responses and above all an individual approach that is right for the people and places we are working with. 

Our role is to create demand for your scheme because all schemes have the potential to make commercialisation work for them. 


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