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The barbershop renaissance


In recent years there’s been a renaissance for barbers in the UK, they’ve been making a big comeback at retail spaces up and down the country and look set to stay.

Barbers Box

Their comeback is driven by two big factors: new styles and trends and the UK retail market. Beards and clean cut, short trimmed hair may have dropped from the national consciousness compared to their initial explosion but walk through any major shopping centre and you’ll see they show no signs of abating.


The UK retail market is another major draw, with many sectors struggling with the rise of online retailers; barbers have been one of the major success stories with more pop-up shops and small units opening every week. Aside from companies like the Dollar Shave Club which was recently acquired by Unilever for $1B, barbers and salons are relatively immune from online competition. After all, you can’t get a trim or a wet shave online.


Barbers Box Car Park pop-up

The new wave of barbershop units we’ve seen at Access Point are focussed on ease and convenience for customers, either travelling between retail sites as trailers or vans or setting up as semi-permanent pop-up locations which offer a higher end, experience.


For higher end experiential propositions, barber shops are doing more than just offering a basic service; they’re selling a lifestyle and making a new masculinity, one which allows

men to spend time and money on their appearance into the core of their brand.


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